Photoshoot process

Producing a photoshoot with a large team is a lot of work.

  • First we plan what pictures / situations / feelings we want create.
  • Then we find the right shooting spots.
  • And last we gather the right team and models.

Taking a leadership role during a photoshoot is the most important part of pre producing a high scale photoshoot. 

I want input from others, and I look at everyone as a key component of a team, so I certainly what their creative sides to come out during the shoot as well. 

However, like most creative outlets, people often need to be fenced in a little bit to really get the urge to explore. 

The team

Working together as a team and create great moments and exeptionel pictures.

  • We defining clear goals and a visuel vision of what we want to accomplice with each photoshoot.
  • We creating visual plans for action to achieve those goals.
  • We use a mutual language and specific words to be as pricise as possible in the shoots.
  • We get the right people involved in each photoshoot.

Behind the scene

Video from one of our photoshoot. 

Here we are 7 models, 1 makeup artist, 3 photographers and 1 videoteam.

From one of our photoshoots

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